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Candidates named for SCRS election

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The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) has announced candidates and details for this year’s annual board election.

In the running to fill three empty seats are incumbent Tony Adams as well as new nominees Andrew Batenhorst, Michael Giarrizzo, and Andrew Snugs.

Active SCRS members are invited to participate in the April 11 election, happening at the Omni Richmond in Virginia. The event kicks off at 5:15 p.m. with an introduction of all the candidates.

The election is open to current, designated voting representatives of SCRS member businesses. Those needing to change their company’s designated voting representative must do so by March 31 by filling out an online form.

Repairer Driven News checked in with all four candidates to learn their motivations behind running. Here’s what they had to say:

Tony Adams, Akzo Nobel business services consultant

What inspired you to run? “I am so excited to run for my second term. The ladies and gentlemen I serve with on the SCRS board are like nothing I have been a part of before.

“These folks graciously give their time and energy to seeing the issues of this industry get resolved. This group is able to do things that others in this industry aren’t able to accomplish. To be on that side of change, to help move the industry forward in a positive direction, is both exciting and rewarding, and I hope to continue to serve the industry in this capacity.”

Why are you qualified? “In August of 2021, I transitioned to the manufacturer side of the industry after spending 33 years in the shop. I feel that prior shop experience, along with the opportunity I have now to listen to and work with shops across the Midwest, qualify me to help carry the torch to educate, inform and represent the collision repair industry.”

Andrew Batenhorst, body shop manager at Pacific BMW Collision Center

What inspired you to run? “I am excited to run as I’ve always felt that SCRS stands as the best of the best in the collision repair industry. To be recognized by the members of SCRS as being worthy to be nominated is an honor that I am grateful for. The knowledge I have gained from the resources that SCRS provides has helped contribute to the success I’ve had thus far in my career. If elected, I hope to give back to others in the same way SCRS did for me.”

Why are you qualified for this position? “I have dedicated myself to ensuring my facility is able to thrive in many areas that other operators have struggled to attain. By utilizing robust processes that are designed to minimize waste and increase efficiency and healthy accountability between my employees, our operation runs smoothly and effectively.

“Where many body shop managers lack the time to ‘lead’ rather than ‘manage,’ our production system has allowed me to unlock the potential of my staff, improve retention in a struggling labor market, and provide development programs for all levels of employees to help make us an employer of choice. I am proof that this success is not impossible to achieve and if elected, I hope to shine a light for other managers/operators to join me in obtaining the same success. Customers’ expectations demand it, and vehicle construction/complexity mandates it. We can’t rely on doing things ‘the way we’ve always done them.'”

Andrew Suggs, ABS Equipment Co.

What inspired you to run? “I am excited about the nomination and to run because my passion for the industry. I have spent my entire life in and around shops. My father was an owner for 42 years and his passion for the industry was instilled in me from the beginning. Our mantra was always to make sure whatever decision was made that it was best for the business, industry and employees. My love for our industry is what drove me to be the best I could be. I think we are still very far behind other industries but making up ground very quickly. We have some of the smartest and most talented people in the world that work in the collision industry. I think we have created many problems for ourselves over the years but as we continue to get great people in positions of influence that will put their own personal gains and thoughts aside and work for the industry to advance it then it will grow into what it should of been all along.”
Why are you qualified for this position? “My qualifications are what others may think they are. I will say that my shops were among the top 1% of most OEM certified shops in the country. When I sold I had 5 shops in four locations with 32 OEM certifications across those shops. We had certs from Porsche, Audi, Mercedes tier 2 (x3 shops), Tesla (x3, and 2 legacy shops), Rivian (x3 shops), Lucid (x2), Vw, Volvo, Cadillac (ct6, c8), GTR, Lexus, Honda (x4), JLR (x2), just to name a some of them. I feel like i know more about the OEM programs in mass than most. It is very hard to juggle that many certifications and keep the quality, customer service, training, and cars moving all at the same time.
“I am a very organized and extremely methodical in every facet of business. You have to be when you have that many people counting on you. Understanding growth, growth can be death to a shop if it isn’t careful just as much as it can be wonderful. Most people dont understand that a company can grow itself out of business if not done correctly. I feel like i could go on for hours about running shops, growth, culture, process. I will end by saying that I have always held a couple of schools of thought, first one being: true leaders lead by example, and second: ‘success come from doing the common things uncommonly well’ (Rockefeller).”

Michael Giarrizzo Jr., president and CEO of DCR Systems

What makes you excited to run? “SCRS and its great leaders make a difference, and I am honored to be considered. Our industry is experiencing change at a pace like never before and SCRS helps us prepare. I am excited and confident I have support and a perspective to bring.”

 Why are you qualified? “I have spent my entire career in this industry and love the great people in it. I tend to be an out-front thinker and out-front thinking is what our industry needs.
“I can bring a perspective and experiences from many sizes and types of organizations in our industry. I.e., closely run family businesses and succession plans, early industry consolidations, and now currently an OE Certification minded and game changing MSO”


Featured image: The Society of Collision Repair Specialists logo over its SEMA 2017 booth. (John Huetter) 

Secondary images: Tony Adams, Andrew Batenhorst, Andrew Snuggs and Michael Giarrizzo Jr. (Submitted)

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