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Progressive: Rear-end crashes most common in 2014

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Make sure you’re on good terms with your bumper supplier: Rear-end crashes were the most common auto claims for Progressive customers in 2014, the company reported Thursday.

The other top auto claim categories last year for Progressive’s customers all involved vehicle damage — theft didn’t crack the top 5. Ranking No. 2 through 5 were embarrassing single-vehicle crashes (for motorcyclists, that was No. 1), damage to parked vehicles, the impact of an object coming from the road, and collisions at an intersection, in that order.

“The goal of this report is to empower people with information so they can avoid accidents,” Progressive claims operations leader Mike Sieger said in a statement. “For example, when people see that rear-end accidents were the top claim of 2014, maybe they’ll think twice before following the person in front of them too closely. Or seeing that intersection claims are high on the list could help convince them that running that red light isn’t worth the time you save.”


Progressive was No. 4 in auto insurance market share in 2013, about 10 percentage points behind powerhouse State Farm but close to No. 2 Berkshire Hathaway (Geico), and No.3 Allstate, according to So its findings can probably be extrapolated out as a fair representation of what’s happening out on the roads today.

Knowing what kinds of claims are likely can help you determine what investments in training and equipment to make in your shop and what parts you’re most likely to use.

Different regions are going to have different breakdowns, of course. For example, Progressive pointed out that hail season likely made May the top claims month; if your shop is in Nevada, that’s not going to be a factor.

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