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I-CAR, ASE/NATEF to credit techs for each other’s programs

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After a year and a half of collaboration, the heads of I-CAR and ASE announced Wednesday an agreement to credit each other’s students.

The deal recognizes I-CAR ProLevel 2 or 3 Platinum technicians as having satisfied the ASE collision repair and work experience demand.

ASE Collision Repair-certified technicians, meanwhile, will automatically receive two credit hours towards the Platinum yearly training requirement.

“These are really good steps towards identifying that there’s synergies in the programs,” I-CAR President and CEO John Van Alstyne said Wednesday during the announcement at the morning Collision Industry Conference session. “… We believe that that’s gonna save time, save money and reduce redundancy for the industry,” he said.

I-CAR and ASE’s National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation also pored over the two programs and concluded that I-CAR’s Professional Education Program Education Edition met the NATEF Collision Repair and Refinish Standards, which meant a vo-tech school could obtain NATEF accreditation while using PDP-EE.

“So that’s a big deal,” Van Alstyne said Wednesday. He said educators would particularly understand how big a deal that determination was.

This will be documented in the “Official I-CAR CTE Curriculum Crosswalk to the NATEF Collision Repair and Refinishing Standards task list” from NATEF and I-CAR.

“With this collaboration between I-CAR and NATEF, schools that are using, or wish to use, the PDP-EE curriculum will find it easier to match the NATEF task list,” I-CAR wrote Wednesday. “This will benefit collision repair and refinish programs, instructors and students. It will improve these programs and encourage them to use the I-CAR PDP-EE ProLevel® 1 curriculum and become NATEF accredited.”

Those graduating from NATEF-accredited schools will receive I-CAR Platinum recognition and an ASE Collision Repair and Refinishing Certification.

“It’s important to know that through these collaborations, one doesn’t replace the other,” Van Alstyne said in a statement. “Rather, I-CAR and ASE programs work together synergistically.”

“The combination of I-CAR training, NATEF program accreditation and ASE certification bring our industry full circle for finding and creating world-class collision repair and refinishing technicians,” ASE President and CEO Tim Zilke said in a statement.

More information:

“I-CAR and ASE Announce Collaborations that Align and Build on Training, Curriculum, and Certification”

I-CAR, Aug. 10, 2016

Featured image: After a year and a half of collaboration, I-CAR President and CEO John Van Alstyne, left, and ASE President and CEO Tim Zilke announced Wednesday an agreement to credit each other’s students.




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