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SAE releases standardized ADAS terms and definitions

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A recently issued SAE International report defines more than 30 terms associated with active safety systems, sensors, and calibrations in an attempt to standardize the industry.

The Active Safety Systems Sensor Calibration Terms and Definitions J3262 202312 report was approved by the SAE Active Safety Systems Standards Committee in December.

“The mobility industry is rapidly evolving with the introduction of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), which offer significant benefits in terms of safety, convenience, and efficiency,” said Christian Thiele, SAE director of Global Ground Vehicle Standards, in an emailed statement. “However, the potential of these technologies can only be fully realized if there is a common understanding and language regarding their functionalities and limitations.”

He said the standardization of terminology can enhance safety, help regulators, and improve communication throughout the industry, including with cross-compatibility and integration. He said it can also give consumers clarity, such as helping them understand the technology, especially with ADAS bundles starting at $1,900.

Thiel listed these bullets in his statement:

    • “Enhanced Safety — Standardized terms help to set clear expectations about what each system can or cannot do, reducing the likelihood of misuse and enhancing overall road safety.
    • “Consumer Clarity — Consistent terminology across manufacturers helps consumers make informed decisions about the features they are purchasing, leading to better user experience and satisfaction.
    • “Facilitated Regulations — A unified language allows regulators to create clear, enforceable guidelines that ensure the safety and reliability of ADAS-equipped vehicles.
    • “Improved Communication within the Industry — Standardization of terms fosters efficient communication between manufacturers, suppliers, policymakers, and other stakeholders, streamlining the development process.
    • “Cross-Compatibility and Integration — Common definitions and terminologies facilitate interoperability between different systems and components from various manufacturers, leading to more robust and integrated solutions.”

The report says it is a survey of terms related to the calibration of active safety systems. It offers descriptions of inputs, outputs, and processes rather than technical specifications. Definitions for end-of-life procedures are not included.

“By prioritizing the standardization of ADAS terminology, the mobility industry can enhance innovation, safety, and consumer trust, paving the way for a more cohesive future in automotive technology,” Thiele said.


Featured image: A radar reflector is used for aiming. (Provided by Subaru)

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