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Acadia Insurance now using UVeye drive-thru inspection systems

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UVeye, the creator of an AI-driven automated vehicle inspection platform, has announced its collaboration with Acadia Insurance in what the companies say will enhance efficiency and accuracy in Acadia’s appraisal process.

The companies say UVeye’s AI-powered computer vision inspection systems will streamline claims for vehicles involved in collisions.

UVeye offers the following drive-thru inspection systems:

    • Helios: An underbody scanner “equipped to detect a wide range of issues, including frame damage, missing parts, fluid leaks, and brake and exhaust system problems;”
    • Helios Pro: Finds “potential frame damages based on underbody damages, including damages in the inner wheel and wheel axle. Best for collision centers and auctions;”
    • Artemis: A tire quality inspection system that “rapidly identifies tire brand, technical specifications, air pressure, tread depth, sidewall damage, tire mismatches, and alignment issues within seconds;”
    • Atlas: UVeye’s flagship exterior scanner is “capable of automatically revealing damages for larger commercial vehicles enabling more efficient safety monitoring and predictive maintenance reporting. Atlas also provides detailed quality assurance and paint inspection for vehicle manufacturers;” and
    • Atlas Lite: “A compact, easily deployable 360-degree exterior vehicle scan that detects damages on the body panels of a vehicle from 15 camera angles.”

Acadia will use Helios, Artemis, and Atlas Lite. Shops and insurance appraisers can use the system, but vehicles will have to be taken off-site to nearby locations, most likely at a dealership. General Motors and Volvo are among the brands that use UVeye at their dealerships.

UVEye systems detect exterior visual issues, and while they can’t detect internal engine issues, most mechanical issues have some indication in the underbody that would allow the system to detect issues, according to Yaron Saghiv, UVeye’s chief marketing officer.

“Insurance has long been characterized by traditional, manual processes, but this boost of computer vision gives us a glimpse into the future,” said Keith Gleason, Acadia chief claims officer, in a news release. “We’re proud to work with UVeye to pioneer this transformative AI-driven approach, introducing a new standard in insurance claims management, one that prioritizes accuracy, efficiency, safety, and ultimately, customer satisfaction. It’s a win-win for both the insurer and the insured.”

The overarching goal of the collaboration between UVeye and Acadia is to work toward a more efficient, customer-centric future, according to the companies.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Acadia to pioneer a new era of claims processing powered by AI,” said Amir Hever, UVeye CEO and co-founder, in the release. “Together, we are rewriting the rules of insurance claims management. Drivers will be amazed how simple, accurate, and trustworthy the claims process is about to become — making car scrape-ups that much less painful.”


All UVeye system images provided by UVeye

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