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‘Green Garage’ group to work on auto shop environmental guidelines

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Auto industry figures will work on environmental guidelines for automotive service and repair businesses as part of the National Green Garage Challenge campaign, the effort announced last week.

The group’s work could apply to businesses ranging from collision repair shops to mechanic outfits to dealerships. Its final guidelines, which are expected at the Automotive Service Association NACE/CARS Conference and Expo in July, could have a similarly broad scope. Here’s the mouthful describing that:

“The committee will consider a variety of options, including but not limited to accreditation, accessibility and transparency guidelines, uniformity in terminology and nomenclature, and recommendations on how to inform consumers of measurement methods. When exploring consumer protection and disclosure requirements, committee members will focus on several areas, including presentation, consumer comprehension, and methodology of employee training and testing procedures.”

The news release seemed to put more stress on getting automotive businesses ready for the government’s fuel economy ratings and labeling. Learn more about those on the feds’ gas mileage site.

“EPA’s Fuel Economy rating system is to cars and trucks what Energy Star is to buildings and appliances,” NAPA-affiliated I-70 Auto Service Joe Sevart said in a statement. “The EPA now rates cars, trucks, and SUV’s annually for greenhouse gas and smog-forming emissions on a scale of 1-10.”

But the challenge and the Green Garage Standard, the end goal of the group’s work, definitely apply to collision repair.

Shops taking the challenge inform customers about their “greenness” in terms of energy efficiency (and therefore lower potential “carbon footprint”). Here’s an example of collision repairers deemed planet-friendly near Repairer Driven News’ Wyoming, MI office via the program’s Find Green Garage site:

A screenshot from Find Green Garage showing which collision repair shops in the Wyoming, MI area were deemed eco-friendly by the Green Garage Challenge. (Screenshot from

A screenshot from Find Green Garage showing which collision repair shops near Repairer Driven News’ Wyoming, MI office were deemed eco-friendly by the Green Garage Challenge. (Screenshot from

The Green Service Standard’s site also lists the Environmental Protection Agency’s Collision Repair Campaign as a reference, indicating that these could be part of the program. Its focus is more on hazardous emissions than greenhouse gases.

“Committee members understand the importance of constructive engagement with our regulators,” SP/2 President Kyle Holt said in a statement.“We support the group’s goal of providing transparency to consumers with an easily understood grading system simplified for both shop employees and the customers they serve.”

Repairer Driven News will follow the effort. Continue to check the site for updates.

 More information:

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