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Lock in older I-CAR prices by registering before Dec. 14 increases

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I-CAR is bumping up prices for both regular and welding courses effective Dec. 14, but technicians and shop owners who sign up now can lock in the older pricing for any available future courses.

Credit-hours will rise $5 beginning that date, and welding training/certification prices will climb as well — though I-CAR will still incentivize training multiple technicians.

“When you do the math, it’s still a great deal for the industry,” I-CAR wrote. “In fact, compared to the prices and associated fees that were in place in 2011, I-CAR credit hour pricing has effectively risen on average about $1 per year over the past five years, while I-CAR’s Welding Training & Certification programs are now priced lower when two or more students are trained. We are actively working to grow the number of businesses and technicians engaged with I-CAR training, and anticipate an expanded customer base will help mitigate the need for future increases.”

Gold Class businesses or Platinum technicians, for example, will pay $875 for a single welding training/certification seat under the new schedule, up from $700 under the revised 2014-15 price system and higher than the $776 it was in 2013. But consider the cost of having to redo a couple of botched welding or sectioning jobs on a high-strength-steel or aluminum car — not to mention the potential human cost if an improperly welded/sectioned car crashes again.

The price for each additional technician will rise from $400 to $480 — still far cheaper than the old 2013 price structure. It’ll be $1,355 to train two Gold Class staffers starting Dec. 14, compared to $1,552 before.

A single standard student will pay 20 percent more than the $912 cost in 2013 — a little less than $1,100 compared to about $880 today. However, two students will pay 7 percent less than the $1,824 they would have in 2013, or a little under than $1,700 total. (It’s $1,380 today.)

In addition to 2015 live and online courses, the industry can even register for some 2016 classes today. Sign up on I-CAR’s website or by calling 800-422-7872.

New courses this fourth quarter include “Vehicle Technology & Trends 2016” (NEW16),which describes some of the changes found in the 2016 model year of vehicles.

“The live course includes interviews with OEMs as well as a detailed look at new vehicle features, materials and more,” I-CAR writes. “Be aware and be prepared!”

I-CAR also this quarter added new repair procedures as well as new graphics and videos to the online-only “MIG Brazing Theory” (BRZ01e) and added new vehicle examples, practice activities and multimedia to “Measuring” (MEA01/v).

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