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CCC: CollisionLink account no longer necessary to use GM’s MyPriceLink on CCC ONE, Comp-Est

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A free CollisionLink account is no longer necessary to use General Motors’ MyPriceLink on CCC ONE or Comp-Est following the system’s Dec. 1 launch date.

The announcement came a day after collision repairer, fleet, adjustor and insurer users were instructed by General Motors that a free CollisionLink Shop or CollisionLink Insurance account would be necessary to receive GM dynamic list pricing on parts through CCC One or CCC Comp-Est.

GM wholesale dealer, customer care and aftersales manager John Eck said the CollisionLink account requirement Monday was a workaround for customers in case CCC and GM lacked an agreement on MyPriceLink.

“At that point in time CCC had not executed an MPL (MyPriceLink) integration agreement,” Eck wrote in an email Wednesday. “Therefore, to prepare the marketplace of options in the event their estimating system elected to not integrate, we informed the market of alternative methods to getting an MPL price such as CollisionLink Shop and CollisionLink Insurance.  Now that they have executed the agreement, users of their platform will get MPL list price in their system thus eliminating the need to take advantage of alternative method.”

Eck said repairers should consider signing up for CollisionLink even with the CCC change.

“GM does encourage shops to use (CollisionLink Shop) as a best practice so as to take advantage of all conquest programs,” he wrote.

Comp-Est and CCC ONE customers will still need a software update to use MyPriceLink. For CCC ONE, that’s version 4.0.

“CCC has enhanced CCC ONE® Collision Estimating Software (CCC ONE) to obtain parts pricing from MyPriceLink,” the company wrote Tuesday in an notice provided to Repairer Driven News. “Therefore, you do not need to subscribe to OEConnection to receive dynamic pricing for GM parts. The CCC ONE 4.0 release that supports this enhancement is being rolled out now. After this update is installed, CCC will complete additional activation steps to enable users to download all available dynamic GM parts prices via MyPriceLink and display them in CCC ONE.”

It’s unclear when the CCC ONE 4.0 users will receive the MyPriceLink pricing following the “additional activation steps.” In another bulletin to repairers, the company wrote, “CCC is phasing in access to the MyPriceLink solution to allow our customers to meet their certification and testing requirements.”

CCC ONE will also for 60 days keep the last known price for MyPriceLink parts in its parts database. After that, GM parts prices will appear as $0.00.

The company has released a MyPriceLink brochure and an instructional video for CCC ONE users. Find them here.

MyPriceLink will work automatically Dec. 1 for Web-Est, AudaExplore and Mitchell, GM said Monday. Find out what AudaExplore and Mitchell had to say about MyPriceLink here.

Featured image: The CCC both at the 2015 SEMA. (John Huetter/Repairer Driven News)

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