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Wondering where your RDN emails were? We fixed the issue, but here are the articles you missed

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An unfortunate mailing list error led to the temporary suspension last week of the Repairer Driven News daily email blasts. We’ve fixed the problem, and we should hopefully have resumed deliveries starting today.

Some of you have been gracious to tell us it’s the first thing you read, and we’re sorry we let you down. To make it up to you, here’s all the articles you missed while the list was paused. Think of it like binge-watching Repairer Driven News.

More Pa. auto body hearing coverage: Consumer choice versus ‘short-sheet’ possibility

Photo-only appraisals make it too easy for auto insurers to “short-sheet” customers on settlements, an independent appraiser warned a Pennsylvania Senate committee Wednesday. (More)

Replica law could yield interesting new work for shops — including DeLoreans

The Internet has been buzzing today over the news that DeLoreans are coming back into production — sort of.  (More)

Can you weather losing 13% of repair volume? IIHS estimates autobraking cuts rear-ending 39%

A new Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study revealed Thursday estimates that auto-braking paired with crash warnings can cut 39 percent of all rear-end crashes…  (More)

AudaExplore backs photo-based appraisals, describes app for consumers which omits shops

An AudaExplore representative testified Wednesday in favor of a bill allowing photo-only appraisals in Pennsylvania, touting an app to do so which omits any collision…  (More)

Collision repairers recount stories of hidden damage undetected by photos in Pa. Senate hearing

Arguing against a bill allowing damage appraisals based off photos, Pennsylvania collision repairers recounted two instances Wednesday where image-derived estimates missed a few thousand dollars in hidden damage to a…  (More)

Q&A: As vehicles, crash tests continue to develop, NSF, CAPA describe standards

The last time the industry took a hard look at aftermarket part safety, it was 2010. Since then: The IIHS has instituted the small-overlap crash test…  (More)

CAPA dynamic testing under the 501 Bumper Standard tests bumpers with 5 mph crashes. (Provided by CAPA)

Auto critics rave about Cadillac CT6; praise includes items bolstered by the aluminum-steel body

A review embargo apparently lifted, automotive critics raved Tuesday about Cadillac’s aluminum-and-steel 2016 CT6.  (More)

Collision Repair Magazine previews CCIF speakers’ auto body insights; U.S., Canada shops should take a look

A series of previews in Collision Repair Magazine ahead of the Canadian Collision Industry Forum — the “biggest collision repair event in Canadian history” — offer some…  (More)

New DEG tips for January: New CCC P-Pages, exclusion of refinishing bed underside, frame machine setup

The Database Enhancement Gateway, which allows repairers to make inquiries and suggestions of the Big 3 estimating providers, was augmented this year to offer weekly tips for…  (More)

Republican Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry. (Provided by Louisiana Attorney General's Office)

New Louisiana AG mulling whether to continue auto body-related case against State Farm

New Louisiana Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry has launched a series of reviews of his predecessor’s lawsuits — including the high-profile case against State Farm.  (More)

Insurer, auto body lobbyists reach compromise on Va. photo-appraisal bill; Senate sponsor will use new language

Insurers and collision repairers have agreed on a new draft of a Virginia bill incorporating photo-driven appraisals into the auto body claims process.  (More)

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“You never write anymore, RDN.” (da-vooda/iStock/Thinkstock)

CAPA dynamic testing under the 501 Bumper Standard tests bumpers with 5 mph crashes. (Provided by CAPA)

Republican Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry. (Provided by Louisiana Attorney General’s Office)

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