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Collision Repair Magazine: Insurer exec tells CCIF OEM procedures should be done — just explain, document it

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A Canadian vendor manager backed the idea of repairers following OEM procedures during an insurer panel at the Canadian Collision Industry Forum earlier this year, Collision Repair Magazine reported Thursday.

But repairers must meet insurers partway by documenting the need for the work and providing photos to prove it happened, RSA/Johnson national vendor manager Tony Sutera explained in comments at the forum and in a follow-up interview, the magazine reported.

Here’s an excerpt from the RDN content-sharing partner. Read the full article here.

By Mike Davey, Collision Repair Magazine

Panelists were asked whether the current repair guidelines may need to be adjusted to more accurately reflect changes in the repair process.

“If they’re following the OEM specifications, and it says that, for example, you need to recalibrate a mirror to get the car back on the road, then do a scan, take a photo of the post calibration reading on the scanner that shows the code, and another photo that shows it has been calibrated. Make sure the make and model is showing in the photos, and add it to the appraisal,” Sutera said. “You need to follow the right process to get that vehicle back on the road.”

In a follow-up interview with Collision Repair Magazine, Sutera recommended that repairers try to answer questions from the image desk before they’re asked. This can be done by anticipating what they’ll want to know.

“The more detail you can provide, the better. If you’re just going to throw it in, then you’ll definitely get questions,” he said. “Add some comments to show the image desk not just what you did, but why. Show us where the source is. Cooperation between the shop and the insurer is critical. We need that input. Our goals align: to get the insured in and out as fast as possible, with a quality repair at a fair cost.”

The magazine also reported a nice acknowledgement of the value of OEM-certified shops for customer “peace of mind” from RBC claims director Tony Mammone. Don’t miss it and the rest of their CCIF insurer panel coverage here.

More information:

“CCIF insurer panel looks at KPIs and collaboration between segments”

Collision Repair Magazine, Feb. 11, 2016

Featured image: Mitchell integrated Toyota’s Recommended Repair Procedures within Mitchell Estimating, allowing users of the desktop service to obtain a list of all Toyota’s recommended parts and labor required for a repair. (Provided by Mitchell)

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