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The EMS-to-BMS switch and you: Excerpts from CCC Secure Share FAQs for repairers, insurers, third-party developers

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Editor’s note: The CCC Secure Share announcement Thursday, which lays out a plan for replacing the Estimate Management Standard with the Business Message Suite by 2018, is a big deal for collision repairers and auto body-related industries.

But despite some repairers having demanded the switch for years, the impact of the EMS-BMS change and accompanying CCC Secure Share platform might be unclear to users unfamiliar with the information technology issue. To help Repairer Driven News explain the news further to readers, CCC provided us with excerpts from its Secure Share FAQs. Learn more by accessing the full FAQ page on CCC’s Secure Share site.


What is CCC Secure Share™ Network?

CCC Secure Share™ Network (CCC Secure Share) is a cloud‐based network that uses application program interface (API) to permit collision repairer licensees of CCC ONE® Estimating to control their sharing of data with registered third party application developers via a secure channel using the CIECA BMS data standard.

What are the benefits of CCC Secure Share for collision repairers?

CCC Secure Share will enable collision repairers to control the distribution of their data and better secure the data that is shared. Collision repairers will no longer need to store EMS files on their local computers or transmit EMS data through data pumps, both of which pose data security risk. In addition, CCC Secure Share enables the collision repairer to only share information with third party applications that is necessary to the function of the receiving application.

What are the benefits of CCC Secure Share for insurance companies?

Insurance companies will benefit from the enhanced security that comes from CCC Secure Share, and unnecessary data will no longer be transmitted to application developers, including in many instances personally identifiable information. For the most part, insurance companies do not export EMS, and those that do, have strict security policies configured on their machines for access‐control, local disk encryption, and software policies. CCC will consider offering CCC Secure Share for insurers in the future.

What are the benefits of CCC Secure Share to third party application developers?

CCC Secure Share will enable third party application developers to take advantage of the new technology by no longer having to build complex applications that must be installed on hundreds or in some cases thousands of computers in order to extract local EMS data from collision repairers. Through a single connection with CCC Secure Share, third party application developers will have access to data shared from the CCC collision repairer network.

Read more FAQs on the CCC Secure Share website.

More information:

“CCC Introduces CCC Secure Share™ Network”

CCC, Sept. 29, 2016

CCC Secure Share website

Featured image: CCC has provided an FAQ about its EMS-to-BMS/Secure Share switch. (rvlsoft/iStock)

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