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Mitchell: Look more to CEG labor, logic for recycled parts

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The Database Enhancement Gateway last month alerted repairers to a new development in how Mitchell handles recycled part labor.

The DEG in a tip tweeted July 20 drew repairers’ attention to Mitchell’s response to a July 9 DEG inquiry involving a door.

The information provider explained it dropped bolt-on recycled part and assembly labor times in the “ATG” Replacement Assemblies Estimating Guide methodology. A shop or insurer would just look to the regular “CEG” Collision Estimating Guide system, according to Mitchell.

“In an effort to simplify overlap between the ATG and CEG, we no longer publish labor times for bolt on components or assemblies in the ATG,” Mitchell wrote to the DEG.

“Operations can be selected from the CEG, and the part type changed to LKQ. CEG labor times, and CEG P-page logic apply.

“ATG P-pages do not apply to (CEG) labor times.

“When utilizing an operation from ATG, with a published ATG allowance, the ATG P-pages are applicable.

“What would not be included are any considerations for the removal of components serviced with the ATG assembly.”

DEG Administrator Danny Gredinberg explained that Mitchell would be treating a used door shell as though like it arrived like a new OEM door shell. But repairers who order a used door often don’t get an “empty shell component.”

Any time spent bringing the recycled assembly to the condition of the new and undamaged part discussed in the regular CEG P-pages wouldn’t be included, according to Gredinberg. It’s an instance of “‘R&I plus R’ logic,” he said.

Mitchell was addressing an inquiry by a DEG user that sought to replace a 2017 Toyota Camry left rear door with a recycled one.

“(B)eing told transfer time for wiring harness both door glasses run channel regulator weatherstrips and door latch are included operations,” the user wrote.

The user had argued that the ATG P-pages state “THOSE PARTS ARE NOT INCL” and requested clarification.

Mitchell replied to the inquiry: “You are correct the ATG time guide is correct in saying the r/I or transferring of those components are NOT INCLUDED.”

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Featured image: Recycled doors are shown. (harunhalici/iStock)

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