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SCRS opens registration for virtual Repairer Driven Education

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Courses on seam sealer duplication, short-pay litigation, glue pulling and shop marketing are among the nearly 20 courses the Society of Collision Repair Specialists has scheduled for the virtual Repairer Driven Education series.

The organization also confirmed the headliner OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit will return for the 2020 Repairer Driven Education; that lineup has not yet been released.

After the COVID-19 coronavirus response forced SEMA 2020 to shift to a “SEMA360” virtual format Nov. 2-6, SCRS announced its popular SEMA Week educational series would shift online as well. (Two other major SEMA Week events — the Collision Industry Conference and MSO Symposium — also went virtual; learn more about those here.)

SCRS opened registration for the series on Thursday. The organization also has spent time this week shooting video for the courses.

SCRS will charge $75 per class, with the exception of a free session explaining the Blueprint Optimization Tool and Database Enhancement Gateway, and $150 for the OEM Summit. An auto body shop could also purchase a full-series pass for $375 and obtain infinite access to the summit regular RDE courses.

The virtual Repairer Driven Education format offers auto body professionals some advantages.

Obviously, there’s no need to spend money on travel or lodging. Repairers won’t be forced to choose just one course per time slot; just watch them all, whenever you want.

The classes will be available for infinite on-demand replays until Aug. 31, 2021. SCRS pointed out that a shop could screen them in the break room.

In that vein, a single virtual ticket allows any of a facility’s employees to watch the course. The shop wouldn’t need to buy separate passes for each staffer as they would with a physical show or rely a single student’s ability to recap the session to co-workers not in attendance.

“The 2020 program will have some differences from the past 10 years at the SEMA Show, but will continue to build upon attendee feedback,” SCRS wrote in a news release Thursday. “The focus remains connecting collision repair businesses with the nation’s leading subject matter experts on topics relevant to today’s marketplace challenges. Attendees can expect the same unique content they would have in classroom settings, now delivered to the convenience of their own facility.”

Here are the 2020 Repairer Driven Education courses and excerpts from their class descriptions. Learn more on

“Estimating Resources for Collision Repairers: Integrating the BOT and DEG Into Your Repair Plan Process,” featuring Mike Anderson, Collision Advice; Danny Gredinberg, Database Enhancement Gateway; Barry Dorn, Dorn’s Body & Paint; and Michael Bradshaw, K&M Collision.

“Learn the origins of both resources, and the real-world challenges they were designed to address, the results of real world application of the solutions in production environments, and tips and tricks to make the most out of both,” the class description states.

“Why Ignoring QUALITY CONTROL Will Cost You Profits and Sales,” featuring Lee Rush, Sherwin Williams.

“In-process quality assurance processes improve on-time deliveries, production flow, and cycle times by reducing and eliminating internal redo’s and come-backs thereby simultaneously driving internal costs down and profits up.”

“Material Planning: How to use the Best Materials AND Increase your Profit,” featuring Jason Scharton, 3M

“Trying to recover material costs solely via the standard paint material rate calculation is becoming harder and harder; and collision repair centers around the country – like you – are complaining that they ‘can’t make money on materials!’ However, although there seems to be no end to the number of material suppliers that want to offer you big savings, changing to less expensive products rarely improves the situation with paint & material profitability.”

“Leveraging Your OEM Certifications,” featuring Mike Anderson, Collision Advice, and David Gruskos, Reliable Automotive Equipment.

“Learn how to communicate to the vehicle owner why they should choose YOUR SHOP over the competitors because of the investment you have made in training and equipment and OEM certifications and relationships.”

“The Modern Customer Journey,” featuring Bob O’Brien, Podium.

“In the past five years, we have seen one of the largest ever shifts in the customer journey. Mobility and tech are impacting how customers interact with your business and how businesses interact with customers.”

“Scanning and Diagnostics: Get Educated and be Prepared, in Order to Get Paid,” featuring Aaron Clark and Eric Newell, AirPro.

“The challenge of being compensated fairly to perform vehicle diagnostics, calibrations, and programming becomes more and more common without proper documentation of manufacturer procedures or requirements. This session will tackle the issue by helping repair facilities educate themselves to find all the resources and specific information pertaining to the vehicle diagnostic or calibration requirements.”

“Marketing in 2020: Will People Find You? What Will They See?” featuring Eric Reamer, Niche PR & Media; and Robert Grieve, Nylund’s Collision Center.

“You will learn exactly how to jump the line in Google search results by answering – specifically – the questions that your prospects are asking every day. And once they find you – how to seal the deal by appealing to what matters most to them.”

“Comprehensive Training in Glue Pull Repair – Advanced Session,” featuring Chris White, KECO; and Gene Fetty, Dent Repair Now.

“The (Glue Pull Repair) business is exploding, and in this more advanced session we will provide the full, in-depth GPR training course.”

“Industry Disruption: Vehicles, Technology and Market Pressure That Will Disrupt Your Business and What to Do About It,” featuring Frank Terlep, Auto Techcelerators.

“This presentation will navigate the new vehicle, business and technology trends that will disrupt the automotive industry.

“Order of Importance: Car, Client and then the Shop…and Why,” featuring David Smith, Auto Damage Experts.

“Outlining the hierarchy of what and who must always come first helps to simplify difficult decisions that must be made on a daily basis.”

“Beyond the Scan: Interpreting component level data,” featuring Chuck Olsen and Josh McFarlin, AirPro.

“Attendees will learn how to avoid falling in to a false sense of security that everything is OK because a basic scan did not reveal any Diagnostic trouble codes before or after repairs.”

“Tech Recruiting and Development – Cracking The Code,” Dustin Peugeot, Matrix Trade Institute, and Kevin Wolfe, LeadersWay.

“Collision centers need to be able to attract skilled labor from a much wider pool of candidates those than who are already in the industry and/or the and small number of those who are aspiring to enter it.”

“The Art and Science of Seam Sealer Duplication,” featuring Ryan Marrinan, 3M.

“The SCIENCE addresses the function of seam sealers and sound deadeners. …

“Once we’ve grasped the SCIENCE, we will discover the ART of seam sealer application appearance to achieve an invisible repair.”

“Litigating and Winning Short Pay Claims,” featuring John Parese, Buckley, Wynne & Parese.

“We will review prerequisites for engaging in litigation, and best practices to facilitate a more profitable and transparent business.”

“The Real Deal: Performing Calibrations the OEM Way,” featuring John Shewbridge, Hunter.

“This session will also give insight into what happens if OE suggestions and guidelines are not followed for some of the higher end and more complicated cars.”

“Overcoming Insurer Objections to Payment for Needed Repair Procedures,” featuring Tim Ronak, AkzoNobel.

“Along with the rapidly evolving construction of modern day vehicles, imbedded with critical safety and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) technology, repairers need to consider performing new and sometimes previously unheard of operations that can add confusion and friction in the billing process.”

“The Millennial Generation: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You,” featuring Michael Lanza, Sherwin-Williams.

“With every new generation that enters the automotive repair industry, a new set of motivations, expectations, work habits and values become present to employers.”

More information:

Virtual Repairer Driven Education webpage

“RDE Sessions Registrations Now Open”

Society of Collision Repair Specialists, Oct. 1, 2020


The Society of Collision Repair Specialists in fall 2020 filmed classes for its virtual Repairer Driven Education series scheduled Nov. 2-6, 2020. Gene Fetty of Dent Repair Now is shown during one of the sessions. (Provided by Society of Collision Repair Specialists)

The Society of Collision Repair Specialists in fall 2020 filmed classes for its virtual Repairer Driven Education series scheduled Nov. 2-6, 2020. (Provided by Society of Collision Repair Specialists)

The Society of Collision Repair Specialists in fall 2020 filmed classes for its virtual Repairer Driven Education series scheduled Nov. 2-6, 2020. Presenter Frank Terlep of Auto Techcelerators is seen here. (Provided by Society of Collision Repair Specialists)

The Society of Collision Repair Specialists in fall 2020 filmed classes for its virtual Repairer Driven Education series scheduled Nov. 2-6, 2020. Presenter Tim Ronak of AkzoNobel is seen here. (Provided by Society of Collision Repair Specialists)

The logo of the 2020 virtual Repairer Driven Education series is shown. (Provided by Society of Collision Repair Specialists)

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