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Policyholders say more communication & positive adjuster attitude important during claims handling

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A P&C insurance customer satisfaction survey analysis conducted by Hi Marley found that on a scale of 1 to 5, with one being low satisfaction or not satisfied, 95% of nearly 25,000 policyholders gave their insurers a 5-star customer experience rating.

Five percent, or 1,177 policyholders of the 24,636 surveyed, gave a 1-star rating.

Hi Marley, “an intelligent communication platform for the insurance industry,” states in its whitepaper that it analyzed aggregate customer data from nearly 25,000 claim survey responses by policyholders with more than 50 carriers.

The factors that had the most impact on customer satisfaction fell into four categories: timeliness of service and resolution, communication, process effectiveness, and adjuster attitude and approach, according to the whitepaper.

For each category, Hi Marley broke out a 5-star rating response and a 1-star rating response to serve as examples of the overall reasons for most respondents’ ratings.

Under the timeliness category, a respondent who gave their carrier a 5-star rating was happy with their claim being handled in “a very timely manner,” while another policyholder gave a 1-star rating to their carrier because it took 16 days to find out their vehicle had been deemed a total loss. “Still waiting on day 19 to be contacted regarding settlement,” the respondent stated. “Told repeatedly someone will contact me to settle my claim and no one ever does.”

Respondents who gave 1-star ratings also complained of a lack of communication, having to “do all the leg work,” that the claims process wasn’t fully explained, as well as “despicable” and “rude” customer service from an adjuster.

Hi Marley noted, “The top driver of 1-star reviews came down to communication, with 34 percent of 1-star reviews mentioning ineffective or sub-optimal communication by the carrier or adjuster.”

Forty-six percent of 5-star satisfaction ratings mentioned a positive or empathetic attitude by adjusters as the primary reason for their rating followed by timeliness of overall service at 18%, excellent and effective claims communication at 16%, and process effectiveness at 12%.

Hi Marley noted that QBE North America, Ohio Mutual Insurance Group, Utica National Insurance Group, Plymouth Rock Assurance, LWCC Louisiana Loyal, and Union Mutual all received 5-star ratings by leveraging Hi Marley to “streamline” the claims process either through texting customers or training claims representatives to be more proactive.

“Overall, our analysis, research and conversations with carrier partners found a positive outlook toward automating and digitalizing claims workflows to create faster and more efficient services,” Hi Marley states in the whitepaper. “Digital, automation and self-service tools help speed up the claims process, ultimately creating a better experience and enhancing customer satisfaction.”

Hi Marley Claims Subject Matter Expert Mark Snyder, one of three authors of the whitepaper, wrote in a Digital Insurance article, “When looking to the future of claims and customer experience, implementing the right tools and strategies to improve communication and responsiveness with empathy will pay off.

“Digital, automation and self-service tools speed up the claims process, ultimately creating a faster, better experience and enhancing customer satisfaction. Increasing automation narrows the number of touchpoints carriers have, making each of those human interactions even more important.”


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