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CCC launches 2 new AI products for insurers to predict damages, total losses

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CCC Intelligent Solutions has launched its next-generation AI-based photo analysis — First Look and Impact Dynamics, one of which extends into claims handling.

CCC says the products work ahead of the appraisal process to help users identify potential indemnity amounts earlier. They begin working at first notice of loss (FNOL) “enabling insurers to pull forward key decisions that work to optimize and accelerate downstream processing across APD and casualty claims.”

However, Michelle Hellyar, CCC corporate marketing senior director, told Repairer Driven News that CCC First Look and CCC Impact Dynamics don’t make claim decisions or determinations. Instead, they’re tools that insurers can use as part of their claims management process, she said.

“Both apply AI to photos of vehicle damage to generate predictions,” Hellyar said. “With First Look, AI is used to predict the point of impact or if a vehicle is likely to be repairable or a total loss, for example. With Impact Dynamics, AI is applied to predict the change in velocity at the point of impact, which can help an insurer evaluate potential injury, among other things.

“With both products, insurers can determine if and how they apply the AI-generated predictions to help route the claim for optimal claims processing. The claim routing and processing are based on their business rules and objectives.”

First Look validates photos, including from consumers and salvage providers, for use with other CCC products to create optimal routing of claims, according to CCC.

“The underlying facts of the accident are the basis for effective claims management,” said John Goodson, chief product and technology officer for CCC. “With our new photo AI capabilities, CCC can help carriers know more sooner, ushering in a new, more intelligent claims process from the start. First Look and Impact Dynamics are just the beginning of CCC’s next-generation offering designed to transform consumer experiences and optimize business outcomes for our customers.”

CCC Impact Dynamics is a standalone data service that applies AI to photos of vehicle damage to predict Delta V or change in velocity on impact and impact severity, which enables insurers to spot injury potential early and inform a series of important decisions including casualty claims segmentation and routing, early settlement opportunities, and reserve management.

“It is up to the carrier to determine how they apply this information to their claims-handling processes, evaluation determinations, and analytics,” Hellyar said. “For carriers that provide us with settlement data, we provide reporting to help them correlate impact severity and
claim outcome metrics to help them make decisions on potential workflow changes and evaluate process changes.”

CCC didn’t disclose which carriers are using the products. Hellyar said CCC is in talks with insurers about the products, many of which are evaluating the new products. More than 100 U.S. carriers currently use other AI products from CCC.

First Look and Impact Dynamics build on the AI capabilities of already-existing CCC products and carrier claims processes.

“Impact Dynamics is CCC’s first solution to combine accident photos with AI to predict impact severity and help insurers understand injury potential early in the lifecycle of the claim,” Hellyar told RDN. “Understanding this key information sooner can lead to improved claim process through early bodily injury identification, enhanced triage, and more accurate reserving.”

According to a recent J.D. Power survey on claim satisfaction, digital FNOL usage has increased but challenges remain.

“Digital interactions are also driving an improvement in satisfaction but primarily among those who prefer digital channels,” J.D. Power wrote. “Satisfaction declines among customers who prefer more personal interactions but are directed to digital processes. Aligning processes to preferences is key as customers increasingly want personal interactions and doing so results in increased satisfaction.

The study results show that 24% of auto claimants use digital claim reporting methods including 13% on an insurer’s mobile app and 10% through an insurer’s website.


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