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Mitchell UltraMate support ends, current contracts honored until next renewal

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Mitchell International has discontinued support for its UltraMate on-premise collision estimating software, but current estimating contract pricing and terms will remain the same until each shop’s next renewal, according to Repair Sales Senior Vice President Jack Rozint.

Support ended for UltraMate on Dec. 28 in the U.S. and on Jan. 1 in Canada. The July 2023 Version 7.1.243 update was the last product release.

“Current UltraMate customers with an active contract were given access to Mitchell Cloud Estimating,” Rozint said on Tuesday. “Their current estimating contract pricing and term will remain the same until their next renewal.

“Since launching Mitchell Cloud Estimating in 2017, we have continued to invest in our cloud-based technology suite and in helping our customers make the transition from on-premise to web-enabled solutions. These advanced solutions are designed to assist customers in delivering a better consumer experience while also providing greater reach, scalability, and security.”

In July 2017, Mitchell announced the major upgrade from UltraMate to Estimating Cloud that would allow cloud-based estimating across multiple devices and permit a user to have more than one estimate open at once.

At the time, Rozint told RDN that the UltraMate user interface had been updated over the years, but its core software was 21 years old.

Estimating Cloud was touted as being able to produce “the exact same estimate” as UltraMate, but “it is definitely faster,” Rozint previously said.

Mitchell’s website says with Estimating Cloud, repairers can:

    • “Complete appraisals on your phone, tablet, or laptop computer;
    • “Access Integrated Repair Procedures in an instant;
    • “Find vehicle, parts, parts pricing, and labor information easily;
    • “Write passenger, commercial truck, and specialty vehicle estimates;
    • “Reduce errors using VIN scanning and decoding;
    • “Guide estimators with built-in templates;
    • “Leverage image capture and storage capabilities; and
    • “Stay up-to-date on the newest features automatically without manual installation.”

In Canada, an Aug. 1 Manitoba Public Insurance notice states Mitchell previously shared on March 23, 2023 and July 10, 2023 that “no futher updates will be required after the July 2023 update.”

“The final Ultramate update is available via Mitchell Download Manager (MDM),” the notice states. “Mitchell Alternate Parts Program (MAPP) data updates will continue until Dec. 28, 2023. New computers or reinstalls will have the July Ultramate version installed. MPI support teams are currently working on a transition plan for any remaining claims with estimates written in Ultramate and will communicate next steps later this year.”


Featured image: Mitchell International’s booth at the 2022 SEMA Show. (Lurah Lowery/Repairer Driven News)

A screenshot shows Mitchell Cloud Estimating in use with BEV-specific options. (Credit: Mitchell International)

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