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Body Language: CAPA says multiple certifiers ‘foster a race to the easiest standard’; NSF says ANSI should decide

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With NSF and CAPA offering different suggestions for reform, aftermarket industry leaders debated the competing parts certification standards at the Automotive Body Parts Association’s annual meeting, Body Language magazine reported last month.

“Multiple standards are fungible, and foster a race to the easiest standard,” Certified Automotive Parts Association Executive Director Jack Gills said April 28, according to the ABPA magazine.

Gillis threatened to pull CAPA support for the PARTS Act lobbying organization Quality Parts Coalition unless the industry cut the field to one certifier, Body Language reported.


“No manufacturer, distributor or insurer has a problem with more than one certification program,” outgoing ABPA Chairman Dan Morrissey said, according to the magazine.

NSF International automotive certification programs Global Managing Director Bob Frayer seemed to offer a compromise April 29, according to Body Language: “Insurers should recognize ANSI as the oversight organization for certifying bodies.”

Both CAPA and NSF are members of the American National Standards Institute, though NSF might have a slight edge in that its president and CEO Kevan Lawlor has been the chairman of the ANSI board since 2015. However, 2014 Club Industry coverage indicates that the two groups aren’t always in step, with ANSI forcing NSF to withdraw a controversial fitness club standard.

Read more comments from NSF and CAPA as well as some of the other aftermarket issues being discussed through the Body Language links here.

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Featured image: The aftermarket parts industry has discussed the issue of multiple standards, according to Body Language. (Zheka-Boss/iStock)

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