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Collision Repair Magazine: CalAmp instant crash detection, analysis based on airbag modeling

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Editor’s note: Electronic first notice of loss is likely to redefine collision repair referral and scheduling in the very near future, with technology in an insurer’s app or the vehicle itself notifying some combination of the OEM, insurer, police, tow truck and an auto body shop nearly immediately after a crash.

Many, if not all, of these systems will be paired with some form of automated predictive analytics, in which a computer assesses damage using some input from the scene. CCC and Mitchell already have announced such systems, which for now will work on a purely triage level and not attempt to project specific dollar amounts.

A new entry from CalAmp, a telematics player which also owns LoJack, bears watching as well. Our content partner Collision Repair Magazine has the story. Here’s a condensed excerpt; read the rest of the Thursday story here.

By Mike Davey, Collision Repair Magazine

Instant Crash Notification is the first of CalAmp’s proprietary, patented and patent-pending automated First Notice of Loss (aFNOL) services suite planned for rollout this year.

“The computation is performed and the message is pushed out at the moment of the crash,” said insurance telematics Vice President Peter Byrne.

Instant Crash Notification determines the severity of the crash on a five-point scale: very light, light, moderate, heavy and very heavy. The information is processed and sent automatically to the relevant insurance company.

“The insurance company is able to make a disposition decision more accurately and that means the work they send the shop will be suited to that shop,” he said.

Dev Bhatia, CalAmp senior director of product management, noted that the reliability of information can be key to how soon a repair can be authorized, and how long it will take the shop the get paid.


“They can be alerted almost as soon as the crash takes place, and they’ll know roughly how much work will be involved,” Bhatia said. “It allows the body shop to prepare and schedule accordingly. The information provided by the Instant Crash Notification system is objective, not an opinion. It’s enterprise grade technology that comes out of airbag prediction and modeling. Those models work and they work accurately.”

Read the rest of the story here on Collision Repair Magazine’s website.

More information:

“New development leverages airbag tech for accurate crash notification”

Collision Repair Magazine, Oct. 20, 2016

Featured image: A screenshot from CalAmp’s Instant Crash Notification system.  (Provided by CalAmp via Collision Repair Magazine)

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