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Happy Fourth! See what democracy has produced for collision repairers in state, federal government

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In honor of the Fourth of July, we thought we’d give you a little roundup of what’s been going on in the state and federal governments the Founding Fathers created more than 200 years ago.

In some cases, the democratic process has produced some big wins for auto body shops; in others, it’s better luck next session. Some items are still going through the system, and collision repairer professionals might want to exercise their First Amendment rights of free speech, free assembly, and petitioning the government to encourage officials to adopt a shop-friendly policy.

Here’s some of our recent coverage. Just because a particular item isn’t tied to your own state government doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out. Often times, one Legislature or interest group’s action will serve as a model for a similar effort in another state.


Miss. AG’s consumer auto body guide defines proper repair as OEM procedures, roles of shop, insurer

Texas auto body repairers’ bill clears committee but out of time for 2017 session

Maine Gov. LePage vetoes upgraded antisteering message; Senate fails to override

Auto Care Association tells Mass. panel it’s ‘concerned’ by some OEMs’ R2R silence, calls out Tesla specifically

PCI blaming ‘aggressive ABARI legislation’ for severity increases a dubious argument

CAA: Calif. bill to weaken rules on insurer auto body rate surveys, steering delayed

Federal government

Proposal to let owners choose OEM parts without going out-of-pocket in hands of Wyo. governor

Auto body shops, trade groups might have easier time setting up apprenticeships under Trump order

House passes overhaul of Perkins Act; bill gives more money, oversight to states for trade education

0 for 2: Senate hearings on autonomous vehicles so far ignore aftermarket role


Fourth of July fireworks over Washington, D.C., are shown. (AdamParent/iStock)

After nearly a year of work, a low-profile but high-powered task force made up of insurers, collision repairers, OEMs, aftermarket parts manufacturers and Mississippi’s attorney general and insurance commissioner has finished and released a “Consumer’s Guide to Insurance and Auto Body Repair.” (Provided bu Mississippi Attorney General’s Office)

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