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Garmat develops booth for COVID-19 coronavirus testing

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Garmat USA on Friday announced it had created a “COVID-19 Walk-Up Testing Booth.”

“We are excited to leverage our expertise in airflow and isolation to support the battle against COVID-19,” the company’s website states.

Garmat sales and marketing director Debbie Teter on Friday wrote that CEO Johan Huwaert “really grabbed on to this project, it is in his nature to work and improve on what we sell.”

Huwaert worked alongside the engineers and technicians to build the structure. “This is truly what makes Garmat different,” she wrote in an email.

Garmat said the testing booth “went from conception to completion in less than a week, all hands were on deck working to get the model completed.” She said an example featured Friday would ship “within the week.”

The booth walls off the tester from the testee, saving on personal protective equipment.  “No Need to Remove PPE between patients,” Garmat wrote in a brochure. Sterilization can occur in five minutes, and two side tables exist for disinfectant, according to Garmat.

Running on a typical 110 volts of single-phase power, the booth receives air through overhead HEPA filtration and maintains a positive pressure, thereby keeping the virus from entering the box.

“(W)e have been asked to design larger facilities, with rows of testing booths,” Teter wrote in an email.

More information:

COVID-19 Walk-Up Testing Booth webpage

COVID-19 Walk-Up Testing Booth brochure


Garmat USA CEO Johan Huwaert works on the company’s COVID-19 Walk-Up Testing Booth. (Provided by Garmat)

Garmat USA announced April 10, 2020, it had built a COVID-19 testing booth which would ship within the week. (Provided by Garmat)

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