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Floridians pay more for car insurance as rates continue to rise

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Recently released data shows that Floridians are paying 37% more for car insurance than the rest of the country.

Lines of insurance coverage and pricing continue to be a widely reported issue in Florida with the rising cost of homeowners insurance and more than a dozen insurance companies leaving the state or going under in the past year.

Florida drivers pay an average of $3,183 per year for full coverage compared to the national annual average cost of $2,014, according to Bankrate. Rates for minimum coverage average around $1,128 — nearly 45% more than the $622 national annual average.

Floridians that live in larger cities and coastal areas tend to pay higher average premiums due to the increased risk of accidents and higher cost of living, according to Bankrate. Choosing higher levels of coverage or adding optional endorsements as well as the frequency of claims, health care costs, the likelihood of weather damage, and the cost of vehicle repairs all play a role in increasing each policyholder’s premium.

Bankrate says that part of the reason Florida’s car insurance rates are so high is that it is the third most dangerous state to drive in. In addition to increased risk, insurance fraud is a common concern due to Florida’s personal injury protection (PIP) system. A repeal of no-fault coverage was filed in the Senate this year but died in the Banking and Insurance Committee. A similar repeal was vetoed last year by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

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