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Stellantis to launch e-commerce recycled parts catalog in Michigan by year-end

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Stellantis says it will launch a recycled parts e-commerce program in the U.S. by the end of December that is currently offered in Europe to save repairers, suppliers, and customers money while also helping protect the environment.

“Repairers and customers receive a sustainable and affordable solution, without compromising on quality while helping to preserve the environment through decreased waste, less use of our planet’s resources, and reduced carbon footprint,” Stellantis said in a news release.

The Detroit News reports that the program will begin at 10-15 dealerships in Michigan. It currently operates in Europe with more than 5 million parts sold to over 160 countries.

The news was shared by Stellantis Global Circular Economy Senior Vice President Alison Jones during the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA) Sustainability Summit on Tuesday in Troy, Michigan.

“Stellantis continues to expand its customer offering, worldwide infrastructure, and innovative thinking — both in-house and with suppliers,” Jones said. “To achieve this, the circular economy team continues to search for proactive suppliers to expand and innovate the product range to offer a growing number of sustainable parts to customers and at the same time create new recycling opportunities for the development of a true closed-loop process. These are all paramount initiatives in our drive to achieve our Dare Forward 2030 ambitions.”

The Detroit News reports that she said savings on reused parts, including “B-Parts,” would be 70% and 30% on remanufactured. What Stellantis calls “B-Parts” are used parts bought from salvage yards by the OEM’s network of dealerships.

Repairer Driven News asked Stellantis if B-Parts would also connect independent repair shops, whether OEM-certified or not, to salvage yards and how Stellantis ensures they’re safe for use compared to new OEM-direct parts. The questions posed are “premature for its reuse strategy launch” but more details will be provided closer to the launch date, according to a Stellantis spokesperson.

The service is expected to launch in the rest of Michigan as well as in Texas and New York next year with seven to 10 states added every year, according to The Detroit News.

SUSTAINera, the dedicated label that represents Stellantis’ circular economy activities (reused, recycled, remanufactured, and repaired parts) saves up to 80% of raw materials and 50% of non-emitted CO2 compared to new parts.

SUSTAINera was launched in October 2022 and is based on Stellantis’ “4R strategy” – Reman, Repair, Reuse, and Recycle. Remanufacturing, or “Reman,” to extend the lifespan of parts provides a sustainable addition in the aftersales spare parts market, Stellantis said.

Jones outlined during her presentation how the circular economy plays a key role in the organization’s Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan to support its target of leading the industry to achieve carbon net zero by 2038.

SUSTAINera Reman parts provide the same performance and warranty conditions as new parts, according to Stellantis. The current global range has more than 13,000 part numbers in 37 product lines, including starters, alternators, clutches, turbochargers, injectors, brake calipers, electronic control modules, high-voltage battery packs, transmissions, and engines.

In North America over the next two years, Stellantis plans to expand its supplier footprint, extend existing product lines, and develop new parts, including headlamps and taillamps, to add to its remanufactured inventory.

Currently, remanufacturing in North America makes up 72% of the circular economy business, with recycling and repair accounting for 28%, according to Stellantis. Worldwide SUSTAINera sales of remanufactured parts grew by 19% in 2022, on track to achieve the company’s 2030 goal.

In comparison, the reuse e-commerce business in Europe saw 108% sales growth in 2022.


Featured image: Stellantis logo provided by Stellantis

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