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AirPro’s Auggie meets Euro NCAP safety standard

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AirPro Diagnostics’ mobile static calibration device, Auggie, has met the European New Car Assessment Progam (Euro NCAP) safety standard, which the company says means it provides a complete and safe FFC advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) recalibration.

Auggie is a wireless and mobile static calibration device that AirPro says “saves time and increases efficiency rendering the ADAS targets and lighting conditions in a theater-like environment to precisely perform forward-facing camera (FFC) recalibrations.”

Auggie works with most major scan tools.

During a Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit session in November, AirPro’s Josh McFarlin said Auggie can be used anywhere with no experience.

“When we bring the tool out, no calibration or technician experience is needed,” he said. “It eliminates the environmental challenges related to controlled lighting. It’s directly mounted to the windshield… meaning that the attitude of that vehicle related to the environment isn’t what’s important.”

Criticism of the product has been focused on its use outside where conditions aren’t ideal for calibrations as well as how it operates.

“The only criticism we have had related to Auggie operation and outside use has come from competitors for target systems and individuals that have never used the tool or been in a position to validate the results,” Josh McFarlin, AirPro president and chief operating officer, told Repairer Driven News Tuesday.

“Meanwhile, we have done extensive testing ourselves, we have worked with third-party test facilities, we have been tested against three different sets of industry standards for ADAS performance and the results have all been consistent — a calibration performed with Auggie results in the vehicle operating as designed.”

The standard was met through third-party testing. In 2023, Auggie met standards set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Auggie earned the highest rating possible from IIHS, superior.

FT Techno of America (FTTA) performed the Euro NCAP-recognized ADAS tests at the Fowlerville Proving Grounds in Michigan to validate the effectiveness of an Auggie calibration, AirPro said. The facility has multiple test tracks including a 20-acre dynamic pad, a three-mile oval track, and an ADAS test facility.

FTTA tested the auto emergency braking (AEB) performance for car-to-car and car-to-pedestrian systems as well as lane departure warning (LDW) performance. Sixty testing scenarios were completed.

For each scenario, the test vehicle calibrated with Auggie passed the test and the ADAS features performed as designed, according to AirPro.

“With the proven success of Auggie in North America with both IIHS and NHTSA standards having already been met, we wanted to satisfy our European customers and ensure the Euro NCAP standards were followed as well,” said Maria Charlton, AirPro Diagnostics Limited UK managing director, in a news release.

“These efforts confirm the work of our engineers and testing personnel who have worked tirelessly over the last six years to validate our patented algorithms and machine learning on thousands of vehicles to ensure the safety of our tested and proven Auggie. This result, in conjunction with the NHTSA and IIHS results, demonstrates that the Auggie is a mobile recalibration solution that calibrates the forward-facing camera in accordance with all available testing standards.”


Featured image: AirPro logo provided by AirPro Diagnostics

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