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Learn about feather, prime and block from DEG in new SCRS video

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Auto body technicians, painters, estimators and insurers can receive a lesson in life after 150 grit with a new Society of Collision Repair Specialists video.

The film, one of two released earlier this month on SCRS’ YouTube channel and announced Thursday, features DEG Administrator Danny Gredinberg’s presentation to the SCRS April 10 open board meeting.  If you missed the free event in Denver, here’s your chance to catch up.

The Database Enhance Gateway is a free resource helping insurers and repairs seek clarification from the information providers and suggest changes to the estimating systems. It’s served as the middleman for more than 12,000 inquiries to date. (Have a question about AudaExplore, Mitchell or CCC? Submit inquiries to the DEG here.)

Gredinberg, a former certified luxury technician, explained that most of the estimating services’ times end at 150 grit. But at 150 grit, a part isn’t ready for paint, or even primer, according to Gredinberg.

“There’s a gap,” he said.

In between 150 and grits fine enough for painting lies the feather, prime and block operation, according to Gredinberg.

It’s a not-included procedure in CCC and Mitchell, and the work is only included in Audatex times for replacement welded panels, he said.

Failure to perform the work can lead to blemishes like sand scratches appearing as a vehicle exposed to the sun bakes and shrinks the material into the imperfections, he said.

Gredinberg called feather, prime and block a refinish operation.

It’s got to be done by a qualified person in an enclosed environment, he said. (Under Environmental Protection Agency Rule 6H, a painter is typically the only one allowed to apply primer.) You can’t just spray primer around on the shop floor anymore, he said.

(For an interesting point and counterpoint from collision repair experts Mike Anderson and Larry Montanez on whether all of the feather, prime and block operation should be solely a painter’s domain or be split between paint and body teams, see here and here.)

‘Who Pays?’ and the DEG

The other SCRS open meeting video announced Thursday also relates to the DEG and non-included labor operations.

It features CRASH Network editor John Yoswick, who explained the “Who Pays for What?” collision repair reports his company produces in conjunction with Anderson’s Collision Advice.

The quarterly “Who Pays?” surveys ask shops about their ability to collect reimbursement from the nation’s Top 8 insurers for categories of not-included operations. As not-included operations often are the subject of the inquiries the DEG passes to information providers on behalf of insurers and repairers, the partnership is logical.

Going forward, the DEG will provide examples of DEG inquiries related to each procedure, CRASH Network editor John Yoswick said. See more in the video, and check out the “Who Pays?” surveys here.

Make plans to attend SCRS’ next open board meeting, scheduled for 8:30-10 a.m. Aug. 7 in Room B403 of the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta during NACE and CIC week. The event is open to anyone interested.

Spanesi newest DEG Gold sponsor

In other DEG news, the organization thanked Spanesi, its newest Gold sponsor and its second private-sector benefactor.

“We have been looking at additional avenues to support organizations that are able to bring a positive and immediate impact to the collision repair industry,” Spanesi Americas managing director and Chief Operating Officer Timothy Morgan said in a statement. “The DEG provides a much needed service to our industry that bridges the information gap between collision repair facilities and information providers.”

Support from entities like Spanesi, PPG, SCRS, the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers and the Automotive Service Association keeps the valuable industry resource free.

“We are excited to have a top tier equipment supplier providing measuring, anchoring, and refinishing equipment solutions as a supporter of the DEG,” Gredinberg said in a statement. “Spanesi® is a true 360° solution by not only providing collision repair equipment, but by also recognizing the value in supporting a resource available to our industry that provides such positive impact on the damage documentation process.”

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Featured image: A video released June 6, 2018, on SCRS’ YouTube channel and announced Thursday, features DEG Administrator Danny Gredinberg’s presentation to the SCRS April 10 open board meeting discussing feather, prime and block. (Slide by Database Enhancement Gateway; screenshot from Society of Collision Repair Specialists video)

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