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GM adjusts dealer requirements for ‘Bump the Competition’ program

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A PartsTrader email sent out to members on April 4 states General Motors let dealers know last week that “the claim reimbursement process for the ‘Bump the Competition’ program for PartsTrader will be converted to a manual process.”

GM spokesperson Miesha Krueger declined to provide the GM announcement to Repairer Driven News because she said the company doesn’t share internal dealer bulletins externally. She didn’t provide further details on the changes PartsTrader referenced in its email.

“To clarify, GM does not support conquest program pricing for use on bidding type systems,” Krueger said.

According to the document provided to RDN from a repair facility that received a copy of the bulletin from their GM parts dealer, it states, “BUMP is a conquest program, not a price match program. A complete copy of the original insurance estimate with alternative parts clearly specified is the only acceptable evidence of the predetermination to use non-GM parts under the existing program rules.”

It also says the program “was developed for GM dealers to promote the use of GM Genuine Collision Parts when Insurance-paid repairs specify the use of alternative (non-new-GM) collision repair parts on their original repair estimates” and the funds “are not to be used to conquest ‘OE surplus,’ ‘Opt OE,’ ‘Discounted OE,’ ‘OE REMAN’ parts, etc., only to conquest Aftermarket and/or Refurbished/Salvage parts.”

According to PartsTrader:

    • “GM dealers using PartsTrader will still be able to see all and quote all parts in PartsTrader (or in CollisionLink if the dealer parts department uses CollisionLink with PartsTrader);
    • Our full integration continues with CollisionLink;
    • GM is requiring a copy (PDF is acceptable) of the incoming estimate showing the aftermarket part that is being conquested to OEM;
    • GM dealers using PartsTrader will still be able to see all parts and offer competitive prices on all parts in PartsTrader.”

The GM bulletin confirms that the claims process will now be manual and will require:

    • “Original insurance estimate which clearly indicates a recognized carrier or insurance claim;
    • A complete copy of the original insurance estimate with alternative parts clearly specified must be submitted by the repairer and held on file at the dealership;
    • An order, quote request or a part list submitted to the dealer, for the purpose of bidding or quoting a price is not sufficient;
    • An order, quote request or a part list with a target price displayed for dealer consideration is not sufficient;
    • An order, quote request or a part list with a description field requesting alternative parts is not sufficient;
    • Clear evidence that a decision has been made to repair a vehicle using alternative parts is a pre-requisite of utilizing BUMP program funds.”

For electronic claims, OEConnection, through OEC CollisionLink & MPL Quote Lookup, and Overall Parts Solutions-OPS through ValuTrax, are the only third-party automated systems linked directly to body shop customers that are approved electronic BUMP claims, according to the bulletin.

“Part orders placed using other systems are not sufficient to qualify for BUMP claims without required documentation as noted above for manual claim process. OEC and OPS will electronically retain all required estimate transactions for the required three years. Electronic Parts Platform print outs or paper copies do not qualify for valid Manual BUMP claims. Any claim or estimate originating in an Electronic Parts Platform, will need to be completed in that platform.”

A webpage about the program on GM’s site states an estimate should be submitted through the CollisionLink Shop or OPS Technologies or sent to a GM Genuine Parts dealer to receive bump pricing. Krueger confirmed Thursday the information on the site is current.

“We want to help you do what makes sense for your business and your customers,” the website states. “That’s why the BUMP program allows participants to easily purchase eligible GM Genuine Collision Parts at comparable prices to aftermarket parts, streamlining your business for repairs done right the first time. When an insurance provider’s estimate indicates aftermarket, salvage, or refurbished parts instead of GM Genuine Parts, BUMP offers competitive pricing through your GM parts dealer on more than 10,000 GM collision parts for insurance repairs. And now, BUMP works seamlessly with the CollisionLink Shop and OPS Technologies, so it’s easier than ever to get great discounts on eligible parts.”


Featured image: GM logo provided by General Motors
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