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Samsung teams with Wind River in latest tech collaboration

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Samsung’s semiconductor business is partnering with global software company Wind River to “accelerate the software designed vehicle,” in the latest in a series of tech-related collaborations within the automotive space.

The companies are partnering to develop in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) solutions, cabin monitoring, and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) features, they said in a joint release.

“A new software-defined approach is required for designing and developing the high-performance compute systems needed for connected, autonomous, and electric vehicles,” said Avijit Sinha, Wind River’s chief product officer.

The newly-announced partnership will see the companies work together on Samsung’s Exynos Auto V920 chipset, which Samsung said can simultaneously support up to six in-vehicle displays and as many as 12 front, rear and mirror camera sensors for ADAS features.

“Accurate sensing in real time is the key for close interaction between a car and the surroundings,” Samsung said on its website. “With support of up to 12 cameras, the Exynos Auto V920 enables wide-range of sensing and capturing of detailed and precise visual information.”

It added that technological upgrades the system have improved viewing, including in situations where lighting suddenly switches from dark to bright like when a vehicle is exiting a tunnel.

Samsung announced earlier this month that its Exynos Auto V920 will be used to power Hyundai’s next-generation IVI system, expected to be released in 2025.

“Our latest 5nm automotive processor, Exynos Auto V920, offers powerful and intelligent performance for a new level of in-vehicle experience with safer driving,” said Hyeokman Kwon, vice president of marketing for Samsung’s semiconductor arm System LSI. “It’s able to run multiple applications on multiple [virtual machines] simultaneously in a highly power-efficient manner, satisfying the industry’s low power consumption demand.”

Wind River’s Helix Virtualization Platform, which consolidates various operating systems and applications into a single software platform, will support the chipset, according to the press release.

Wind River said the platform was created to provide a new approach to designing and developing computing systems in cars by consolidating multiple functions and safety levels. It said doing so reduces the risks and costs of introducing new IVI capabilities in the future.

As automakers race to produce the best ADAS and onboard features to feed consumer appetite, a number of collaborations have been announced in recent months to combine expertise and resources.

Nvidia and MediaTek, a fabless semiconductor company, announced in late May a partnership to create next-generation smart cabins.

Under the agreement, NVIDIA’s new GPU chiplet will be integrated into the MediaTek Dimensity Auto platform, designed to provide automakers with technologies that support smart and connected vehicles.

MediaTek said its  Dimensity Auto Drive “forms the backbone of ADAS, providing a scalable and comprehensive open platform for partners with intelligent assist and autonomous driving solutions.”

Meanwhile, Aston Martin revealed this week that it is partnering with Lucid to create the world’s “most thrilling and highly desirable electric performance cars”.

In announcing the agreement Monday, the automakers said Lucid would give Aston Martin access to its powertrain technology, technical support, and supplies. They said the goal is to help strengthen the British automaker’s EV strategy and long-term growth.

Within the past month, Ford, General Motors, and Rivian have announced they had signed Tesla Supercharger network agreements. On Tuesday, Volvo announced that it would also join the network.

Under Volvo’s agreement, beginning in 2025 its regional EV models will be equipped with the North American Charging Standard (NACS) charging ports.


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