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I-CAR & Ford offer 4 newer model training courses

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I-CAR and Ford have collaborated to introduce new repair courses on three Ford models and one Lincoln model that I-CAR says are designed to equip repairers with knowledge of Ford repair procedures for the latest vehicle models.

    • The Ford 2023 Super Duty New Model Training course, which is one hour and 25 minutes, covers the “intricate repair procedures and cutting-edge technologies” specific to the 2023 heavy-duty pickup truck, according to I-CAR.
    • The one-hour-and-30-minute Ford 2024 Mustang New Model Training offers a “comprehensive exploration of repair procedures and sophisticated technologies” unique to the newest Mustang.
    • In the Ford 2024 Ranger New Model Training repairers will spend one hour and 25 minutes learning distinct repair procedures and advanced technologies associated with the newest Ranger and evolving industry demands, according to I-CAR.
    • In the 2024 Nautilus Training Overview course, repairers will spend 30 minutes receiving an overview of fixes and evolving tech on the newest Lincoln Nautilus to prepare them for the advanced technology and new design offered on the 2024 model, I-CAR said.

I-CAR Technical Products and Curriculum Director Bud Center told Repairer Driven News that all of I-CAR’s vehicle-specific courses are designed to review prevalent trends and technologies in modern vehicles, including:

    • “Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS): Gain expertise in calibrating and repairing systems such as lane departure warning and automatic emergency braking. For Ford courses, focus on the Ford Co-Pilot360 Technology;
    • “Structural Materials: Develop knowledge of vehicle model construction, especially when working with lightweight materials like aluminum and high-strength steel. Stay updated on new materials and construction methods for enhanced safety and performance; and
    • “Telematics and Connectivity: Understand features like remote diagnostics and over-the-air updates found in advanced telematics systems such as Ford’s SYNC® 4 Technology.

I-CAR also plans to release its annual “Vehicle Technology and Trends 2024” course, which Center said will “comprehensively explore various vehicle makes and models, spotlighting the latest technologies that technicians will encounter while repairing these advanced cars in their workspaces.”

As for the newest Ford courses, I-CAR and Ford said the purpose of their partnership in offering the courses is to “empower repair professionals to deliver safe, precise, and efficient repairs, ultimately benefiting both customers and the industry as a whole.”

“These new Ford repair courses demonstrate our commitment to equipping repair professionals not only with the core knowledge and skills associated with our industry credentialing programs but also offer a growing portfolio of vehicle-specific training that helps the industry apply that knowledge and skills appropriately to OEM and model-specific nuances,” said John Van Alstyne, I-CAR CEO and president, in a news release. “By staying ahead of the curve and embracing the latest automotive technologies with Ford we’re ensuring technicians are prepared to deliver the highest quality repairs.”

Ford is also a member of I-CAR’s Sustaining Partner Program, contributing to the program’s objective of funding collision repair education and supporting initiatives that elevate the industry.

The Ford Certified Collision Network (FCCN) requires repair facilities to obtain and maintain the I-CAR Gold Class designation, which I-CAR says ensures professionals are trained to provide efficient, safe, and high‐quality repairs. Required courses include hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) and battery electric vehicle (BEV) and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) as well as a professional development program.

Other Ford/I-CAR courses include aluminum body structural repair and aluminum GMA (MIG) welding.

For more information about the new Ford repair courses and other Ford courses offered through I-CAR, visit

New courses not specific to Ford offered by I-CAR include measuring, anchoring, and pulling training on unibody and full-framed vehicles.

The collision industry training entity noted in an October industry announcement that, as modern vehicles incorporate advanced materials, staying up to date with repair methods is crucial because vehicle repair procedures change rapidly.

The new courses are available online and allow technicians to learn at their own pace through a combination of hands-on demonstration videos and interactive exams. The full-frame course is two hours long and the unibody course is an hour and 45 minutes.

In addition to courses, Ford’s latest On Target newsletter, released in December, provides information on repairs of new F-150 safety technology, the new Bronco’s side-impact door sensor, and Ford’s supplemental restraint system (SRS).


Featured image: Ford logo provided by Ford for publication.

Pre-production 2023 family of Ford Super Duty pickup trucks. (Provided by Ford)

Pre-production 2024 Lincoln Nautilus. (Provided by Lincoln)

Pre-production 2024 family of Ford Mustang vehicles. (Provided by Ford)

Pre-production 2024 family of Ford Ranger vehicles. (Provided by Ford)

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