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Peevy ‘thrilled to be returning to I-CAR’ during crucial time

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Automotive Management Institute President Jeff Peevy will return to his longtime home of I-CAR, the latter organization announced Wednesday.

Peevy will assume his new role as I-CAR’s technical products, programs and services vice president at the end of this month.

“Peevy will spearhead the strategic development and growth of all I-CAR curriculum and technical relations efforts while leveraging his more than 20+ years of executive management experience in the industry,” I-CAR wrote in a news release.

Before taking the AMI job in 2015, Peevy had spent nearly 25 years affiliated with I-CAR in some fashion, including what a LinkedIn profile called nearly 17 years as a director of field operations.

“I couldn’t be more excited to have Jeff – a true industry leader and I-CAR ‘blue blood’ – return to help lead the future of I-CAR’s curriculum, technical services and technical relations functions amid one of the most dynamic eras of change and opportunity in our industry,” I-CAR CEO John Van Alstyne said in a statement. “Jeff’s prior experience with the organization, now complemented with five years leading the Automotive Management Institute for the Automotive Service Association (ASA), plus his recent role as CIC chair, prepares him to take this next step in his service to the industry. In doing so, Jeff will help take I-CAR’s offerings and programming to the next level, continuing to build on the solid foundation set with the recent launch of the ‘Even Better I-CAR’ portfolio of program enhancements.”

I-CAR told the industry it “appreciates a strong working relationship with ASA and AMI, and will endeavor to work collaboratively with ASA to affect an orderly transition.”

“I am thrilled to be returning to I-CAR during a time when its mission could not be more important to an industry I respect deeply,” Peevy said in a statement. “I-CAR has made significant important and beneficial progress over the past 5-years, and I’m both humbled and honored to return to work alongside the I-CAR family of professionals who share the same passion for doing the right thing, and that’s squarely fixing cars right. I can’t imagine a more important role that can truly strengthen and benefit our industry in the years to come.”

Over the past five years, I-CAR has drawn a greater proportion of the industry training and achieving Gold Class. It also radically overhauled its requirements in October 2019 to set a higher bar for Gold Class shops and Platinum techs; previously established Gold Class and Platinum designees have until 2021 to meet the new standards.

Other elements of the “Even Better I-CAR” initiative involve revised Professional Development Programs, course credit achievable through in-shop knowledge assessments and granted free for classes offered by a Training Alliance, more frequent welding recertification, and unlimited training subscriptions. The program replaces live courses with more online and virtual classes, focuses on neutral training sites for remaining live coursework and shortens courses at least in part by eliminating redundancy.

I-CAR also in 2019 voted to shrink the organization’s 22-seat board and grant a new nonvoting “Associate Member” status to all Platinum technicians, Gold Class shops, vo-tech schools, committee chairs and Sustaining Partners. Members also voted to phase out the Industry Segment Advisory Councils in favor of a larger inter-industry “Member Council.”

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I-CAR, July 15, 2020

Featured image: Automotive Management Institute President Jeff Peevy is shown. (Provided by I-CAR)

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